Indie Book Reviews

Reviewing Indie books is rewarding but time-consuming, far more than I expected when I started this effort.  While I will continue to consider queries, the reality of my work schedule obliges me to limit acceptance.  My limit will likely be two or three per month.

I accept print and ebooks for review, but prefer print.

Self-published and traditionally published books are acceptable, though I prefer to give Indie authors a chance of getting a good review.  I only give good reviews.  That doesn’t mean every book I read will get a good review.  It means this:  if I don’t think your book is great I won’t write a review.  Generally, I explain why a review is not offered.

Genres I will read:

Nonfiction, including:

History (with sources)

Science (with sources, for the lay reader)

Biography (with sources)




Because of the great number of autobiographical (memoir) books that are submitted, I will no longer be accepting requests for books in the genre.

Inspirational/motivational books are very personal and value-laden.  I find it hard to critique this material without offending in many cases, so please do not ask to have a book from this genre reviewed.

Contact me to find out if I can accept your book for review ( with the following information:

Book Title


Date of publication

Synopsis (one paragraph), book length (page number), book format

Your contact information

More Indie Reviewers available at The Indie View

Also, the Indie View website states the following about being listed as an author on the site:

“To get listed here you need to have a four star (out of five) or better review (on Amazon of Goodreads) from one of the reviewers listed on the Indie Reviewers List.”

I suggest that every author who gets a four or five star review create an author page.  It is another form of exposure and that is critical to developing an audience.

Finally, good luck to everyone who writes.


A. G. Moore, Revised July 2017


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