Literacy Workshops


Join Us! We Offer:

An Engaging Laboratory for Increasing Literacy Skills and Acquiring Knowledge

§ Vocabulary

§ Comprehension

§ Interpretation

§ Recall


Rhythm Prism’s Proprietary for Material for Literacy Growth:

§ Group Engagement

§ Interactive Discussions

§ Text Analysis

§ Map Study

Seven Books to Enhance Literacy:

§ Florence Nightingale

§ Marie Curie

§ Rabindranath Tagore

§ Jonas Salk

§ The Modern British Empire

§ What is Radioactivity: With Student Study Guide

§ Marie Curie Radium Polonium: With Student Study Guide

§ Exploration and Conquest Stories of Indigenous Peoples: With Student Study Guide

Plus Supplementary Handouts from Rhythm Prism’s Educational Catalog