Writing Workshops

Rhythm Prism offers a writing workshop for children and two workshops for adults.  Currently, all of the workshops–The Artist Inside, Reflecting and Ten Easy Steps-are conducted by the dynamic veteran of theater and stage, Colleen Moore, known professionally as Miss Twist.

The Artist Inside Writing Workshop for Children

Colleen easily establishes a rapport with children, who appreciate her history as a popular dancer with marquis performers such as Missy Elliot and Will Smith.pp

manual create train smash
This imaginative rendering of a train is offered in the Teacher’s Manual as a visual prompt. The associated exercise asks students to create something original. Equally evocative prompts are offered throughout the “Manual”. Each of these may be copied and distributed for use in the workshop.

The desire to learn, explore and create is a gift every child is given at birth. The Artist Inside writing workshop taps children’s innate inclination to grow. The workshop stimulates and guides participants so that their writing gradually becomes more organized and effective.

Imagination is the spur to all creative activity; mining students’ originality and focusing their intellectual energy is key to the success of Rhythm Prism’s writing system. The workshop includes a Teacher’s Manual, which provides detailed lesson plans. The student writing development book, The Artist Inside, is an essential tool in the program. This book takes students on a creative journey through fine arts, literature and history.

Research techniques are gently introduced. The Teacher’s Manual offers suggestions on how students should be encouraged to distinguish between fiction and nonfiction.  The importance of verifying facts and citing sources is emphasized.

Flexibility is inherent in the book’s exercises;  lessons are adjusted to accommodate a variety of ages and skill levels.

A guiding principle of the workshop is that the privacy and dignity of all students should be respected.  Some students may not be comfortable revealing personal information. Sensitivity to this issue is essential.

Clear, expressive writing is basic preparation for success in life. Beyond that, there is an aspect of writing that enhances communication and enriches the individual; this is creative writing.

Cultivating creativity in any exercise invites originality and innovation. These are invaluable resources children should be encouraged to exploit. If they do so, their lives will be fuller and they will more completely contribute to the world at large.

Below is an excerpt from The Artist Inside student writing development book. The excerpt illustrates how our workshop encourages creativity and addresses structural aspects of good writing.

A Writing Tip From  The Artist Inside:

Always give your piece a proper ending. The last part of a written piece sums up what has come before. If you’ve built your piece properly, you have a beginning, in which you stated your purpose for writing. You have a middle, in which you supplied information about what it is you would like to say. The very end of your piece ties it all together.

A well-developed piece of writing has symmetry. It has a balance between the beginning and the end.

 Materials for the workshop are available in print at Amazon and as ebooks. Ebook formats include Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and iBooks.


Reflecting and Ten Easy Steps Adult Workshops

Colleen infuses these workshops for adults with trademark energy.  Her experience motivating groups and her training in arts management provide the ideal background for this creative endeavor.favorites reflecting prompt for site

The Reflecting Workshop is based on the book, Reflecting, which is distributed to everyone who attends.  At the end of the workshop, not only will participants have writing skills sharpened and memories of shared experiences, but they will have a book that they may keep or give to someone they love.  The book will contain personal reflections on the highlights of life.  It will certainly become a treasured memento over the years.

This image introduces a series of prompts in the Reflecting Workshop that encourage mature writers to share stories about their favorite things.


favorites prompt for site, color
This image introduces a section in the Ten Easy Steps workshop that invites adult writers to share how they feel about their favorite things.

The Ten Easy Steps Workshop is based on the same principles as Reflecting, but carries the writing process one step further.  Participants are encouraged to take the first book and turn it into a more traditional autobiography, or memoir.

An example of the kind of piece that may be produced by following the Ten Easy Steps

method: Looking Back, Looking Forward.   looking back cover for site

In this book, the author used the material collected and organized in Reflecting.  The chapters were arranged in the order suggested by the Reflecting template.  The essays and pictures were added from the completed Reflecting text.  The book that resulted was simple but expressive.  It will serve as a personal record, as a legacy for friends and family in the years to come.


 Creative Directors:

Colleen Moore

A. G. Moore





⇒To Schedule A Workshop Contact:   rhythmprismllc@gmail.com⇐

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