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Rhythm Prism Publishing was inspired by the story of one woman who had a dream. Sudden illness seemed to make that dream impossible. But friends decided that dreams are important and this one could be realized. On February 6, 2013 they published a book. The book contained the best of everything their friend had written over the course of a lifetime. This was the very book their friend had dreamed about. The impossible had become possible.

Rhythm Prism’s founders decided that the ambition to write a book, to record memories and experiences, was a dream everyone could have and fulfill. Rhythm Prism Publishing designed a program that would use creative activity to uplift and inspire, to instruct and encourage. People of all abilities and ages could plan books, write them and have them published.

Ample research has gone into the development of Rhythm Prism’s programs. This research endorses the idea that engagement in creative endeavors, especially engagement in groups, has cognitive and social benefits. This fact holds true for young and old, for the able and not so able.  Everyone benefits from creative endeavor and from social interaction.

Our writing books are meant to inspire individual and group participation in workshops and in environments outside the workshop setting. We offer a creative journey.

Reflecting, our first book, had a simple format, one that made writing and engagement possible even for individuals who may have comprised cognitive and physical skills.   Our most recent addition to this line of books is A Book of Memories.  Available in black and white and in color,  this book further simplifies the process of memorializing a life.

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From the successful completion of Reflecting grew the idea of extending our program to a younger audience. Two writing albums, tailored especially for young students, came into being: The Artist Inside and Developing the Artist Inside.

Inspiration has a way of feeding inspiration; writing is richer with ideas and information to give it context. This conviction gave rise to Rhythm Prism’s Reading for Fun and Comprehension series. Books in this series are filled with vivid photos that illuminate and inform. Although intended to be palatable to a young student, the Reading for Fun and Comprehension series also may have value for a more mature, curious audience.

Books for mature readers are included in our catalog. These include material designed for middle school students, high school students, and adults. Take a look at our Books page to get an idea of our offerings.

Some additions to our catalog address the interests of teachers and aspiring memoir authors.

Teacher’s Manual the Artist Inside provides lesson plans and guidance for educators who use our student writing albums.

We at Rhythm Prism are excited by the direction our efforts are taking and are energized every day by new ideas. That excitement infuses the material we publish.

manual place 2 smash Collage_by_Tom_Sulcer_circa_1970s

The image above and the image below accompany lesson suggestions in the Teacher’s Manual Artist Inside.

teacher's manual solitary tree prompt

Creative Directors:

Colleen Moore (Miss Twist):  Administration, Workshop Leader

A. G. Moore: Writing and Research



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