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Our Newest Book For Students Integrates Creative Writing With Visual Art

Art Literacy Offers Culturally Relevant Material to Students Who May Be Out of the Mainstream.  It Was Designed Especially with the Immigrant Population in Mind.

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They come in an attractive  8 1/2″ by 11″ format.  All the books for students emphasize skill development.

Most Books Feature:

  1. Vocabulary
  2. Reading Comprehension
  3. Written Expression
  4. Core Curriculum Concepts
  5. An Integrated Workbook
  6. Pictures Highlighting Key History Figures And Events

A Book For High School Students: Exploration And Conquest Stories Of Indigenous Peoples


  For Middle School Students: Marie Curie Radium Polonium

marie and atom 5 cover smash site

For Fifth To Ninth Grade:  What Is Radioactivity With Student Study Guide

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Our Catalog Includes Books For Students Of All Ages

Enrichment For Elementary and Middle School Students


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 Creative Writing System for Adults

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     ten ferris for site      looking back cover for site     masks full cover site

Creative Writing System for Children


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Artist inside virtual 96 dpi cover

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The Rhythm Prism System integrates skill development across academic disciplines.  Subject content is presented in an engaging narrative and enhanced by vivid illustrations.  A Student Study Guide and Gallery of related photos increase engagement and reinforce concepts. Students can use these books as independent learning experiences or as enrichment to Core material. The focus is on content and skill development.