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January 28, 2018

Sometimes I read something and recognize myself, or at least an echo of myself.  That’s what I found in the words of Miguel de Unamuno.  The first work of his I read is considered by many to be his most remarkable.  It was an essay, Del sentimiento tragico de la vida (translation: The Tragic Sense of Life). The essay didn’t answer any questions or raise new ones, but it addressed an abiding sense I’d harbored since childhood.

Children understand that certain ideas may never be expressed.  There are taboos, profoundly held beliefs that must never be challenged.    This was the case in my home, with my deeply religious mother.   Finally, in Unamuno, forbidden thoughts were aired.  There was great sympathy and compassion in the essay.  And there was affirmation that my ideas were valid, my questions reasonable.

For me, this is the gift of reading.  It allows me to go beyond the physical limits of my environment.  It allows me to break out of the philosophical and intellectual box in which my culture might otherwise confine me.

At this moment in time, when I’m in a mood of reflection, I’d like to thank Miguel de Unamuno and all writers over the years who have enriched my spirit and my mind.  I don’t know what my life would have been without you.

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Four Masters of Yuan and Literati Art: Tradition in China from Mongol Rule to Modern Times     

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Art Literacy: With Supplement

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Art Literacy

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Book of Memories

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Exploration and Conquest Stories of Indigenous Peoples: With Student Study Guide


Marie Curie: Radium, Polonium

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Florence Nightingale

Rabindranath Tagore

Marie Curie

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Self Expression


Fusion Diagram from What Is Radioactivity? The Basics:  With Student Study Guide

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From Exploration and Conquest Stories of Indigenous Peoples: With Student Study Guide


Khoikhoi, indigenous people of Capetown South Africa, harvesting in colonial South Africa.

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