Rhythm Prism:

Personal Enrichment And Education Through Communication, Community and Art
children  elderly tableau 16
1. Creative Writing For Students and Adults
2.  Science, History, Biography and Fiction Books For  Children
3. Writing Books For Adults
3. Commentary on Contemporary Issues
4. Book Reviews
5. Literacy Workshops

 Our Most Recent Book, January 2016

marie and atom 5 cover smash site

The Biographies: Nightingale, Tagore, Curie, Salk

Florence Nightingale Project Gutenberg_13103tagore as a maneve marie irene for siteRoosevelt inwheelchair for site


  the artist cover for sitediscover cover for sitemanual cover artist front sitereflecting cover for site 12 15ten ferris for site

Self Expression

masks full cover site

looking back cover for site


what is radioactivity for wordpress

marie and atom 5 cover smash site

radioactivity with guide for site


rabin and british cover site

cover brit for site

Children’s Fiction

ernesto climb 10 12 letters cover


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