Rhythm Prism:

Books Written and Published by A. G. Moore


In 2017

Four Masters of Yuan and Literati Art: Tradition in China from Mongol Rule to Modern Times     

four masters front cover shen

Art Literacy: With Supplement

unearthed front cover for site

Art Literacy

art literacy front cover website 2

Book of Memories

book of memories cover site scale


 1. Books for Students

2. Commentary on Contemporary Issues

3. Book Reviews


Exploration and Conquest Stories of Indigenous Peoples: With Student Study Guide


Marie Curie: Radium, Polonium

marie and atom 5 cover smash site


cover brit for site

radioactivity with guide for site


Florence Nightingale

Rabindranath Tagore

Marie Curie

Jonas Salk

Florence Nightingale Project Gutenberg_13103tagore as a maneve marie irene for siteRoosevelt inwheelchair for site


  the artist cover for sitediscover cover for sitemanual cover artist front sitereflecting cover for site 12 15ten ferris for site

Self Expression

rabin and british cover site


Fusion Diagram from What Is Radioactivity? The Basics:  With Student Study Guide

  fusion diagram scaled 3

From Exploration and Conquest Stories of Indigenous Peoples: With Student Study Guide


Khoikhoi, indigenous people of Capetown South Africa, harvesting in colonial South Africa.

Rhythm Prism

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