Internet Security

By A. G. Moore

Internet Security: it seems an odd subject for Rhythm Prism Publishing’s first blog.  After all, this website is about old technology–about books, history and memories.  However, though Rhythm Prism may feature old technology it must employ the new to carry a message.  In doing so, it would be wise to heed a caution issued so often to children, “Beware of strangers”.

There are two classes of people who use the Internet: the savvy and the not so savvy.  For those who use computer technology tentatively, who understand enough to navigate but are not sure why they are able to “surf”, the childhood caution is something to keep in mind.  Beware of strangers.  By all means communicate, but do so cautiously.

The first rule for those who have modest skills is to admit limitations and to liberally employ “police” to help with security.  “Police” include virus-protection programs, firewalls and scrupulous attention to password hygiene. However, no amount of police protection will protect the foolhardy.

If it is wise to re-consider entering a lonely alley on a dark night, it is also wise to re-consider clicking willy-nilly on websites of dubious provenance.  If we don’t open our brick and mortar doors to unscreened strangers, then perhaps we should likewise not download programs without screening them for safety.

So…as Rhythm Prism Publishing marches bravely into the future with its new venture, it pays homage to advice heard years ago in childhood,   “Beware of strangers.”

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