An Unique Image Gallery on the Hive Blockchain

Where have I been? I’ve been creating with a community that has absorbed a tremendous amount of positive energy. Today I announce the culmination of much effort: the debut of an image gallery for the #LMAC community. LMAC is not code. It stands for Let’s Make a Collage. This is an art project on the Hive blockchain that welcomes non-artists. Every week I participate. Here’s a copy of my latest collage:

You can see I get quite involved in making these collages. It’s certain I’ve grown a lot of brain cells in the process, and have definitely increased my neuroplasticity. I am quite old, so this is an achievement.

Over the last several months the LMAC community has been building an image library, code name #LIL, as resource for collage creators. Today the gallery went live with its own website. Many of my contributed photos are in that gallery. Please take a look. Here’s a link:

In the next few weeks I promise to keep readers updated about LMAC and the Gallery. So many creatives are part of this WordPress blogging community. LMAC seems like a natural fit.

Hope you read this announcement in good health and in a peaceful environment. I’ll be back soon….

Poetry: A Challenge for Me

Yesterday on this blog I explained how stakeholders on the Steemit blockchain have created their own blockchain entity: Hive Blog. Today I tried something new on Hive. Why not? a new blockchain, a new beginning for me.

I wrote poetry.

My formal training is in history and the humanities. I’ve done a lot of writing in my time, but poetry has always been beyond my skills. Rhymes are not important but music in the language is. That takes innate talent, I think, to pull off.

Well, today I settled for less than perfect and had a great time. The wonderful thing about the blockchain is its sense of community, which allows me to explore without a sense of risk. Of course there are negative elements, but that’s true in every society. But, stick to the right neighborhoods, and the experience is all positive.

There is a neighborhood call The Ink Well which was started by a truly talented writer, @raj808. This is where I published my poetry. It never feels risky writing within the Ink Well community. Welcoming people, helpful critiques. All good.

I’ll share just a bit of one poem, to give you an idea of how it ‘sounded’. Remember, I’m looking for music, and I don’t write poetry:

Folk trekked to Delphi Lodge
Where squires lunched
On mutton and black pudding

The poem was inspired by the 1949 Famine March of Doolough, which took place during the Great Potato Famine in Ireland. I learned as I did research for this poem, that there was an even more devastating famine in Ireland during the previous century. The difference between the two was that the first was considered mostly a consequence of natural events and the second was compounded by colonial policy.

If you have a sense of adventure, check out our community on Hive Blog. There are many communities, but you can start with this one.

Next week I’ll post the poem in its entirety. Thanks for reading. Everybody, stay safe.