Looking Back, Looking Forward

Matteawan Station_132

In the book, Looking Back, Looking Forward, the author speaks of leaving her country home and moving to New York City.  The train station above was likely one that was the departing point for her new life; it was likely the last place she saw as headed into the future.

Looking Back, Looking Forward  was written as a demonstration book, not as a straightforward memoir, but the details in the book are all true–at least as true as memory will allow. The author of the book speaks of a kind of longing for the country home left behind. This rupture in her life took place when she was a child and had little control over her destiny.

It is obvious from the events described in the book that the author’s family left their country home for good reason.  Nonetheless, this departure was experienced as a loss and the loss is palpable throughout the book.

The picture of the train station above captures the sense of quiet solitude the author seems to miss. There is in this scene nothing of the bustle she describes of her new home in Brooklyn.

looking back cover for site
This slim volume was created as a demonstration book for the writing manual, “Ten Steps to Writing Your Memoir”. Though “Looking Back Looking Forward” was not intended to be a full-blown memoir, it has within it the inescapable emotions that recollecting any life may evoke.

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