My Story That May Become a Book

pen and paper

In my last blog I referred to a story I planned to publish on my Steemit blog.  Well, I’ve done that and it hasn’t been received very well.  I’m not sure why…wrong audience? Trite story? Poor delivery?  There’s no way to tell when a piece falls flat, is there?

Funny, though, I was discouraged briefly, but not dissuaded.  I like my story and plan to expand it.  Is this a fool’s errand?  When does a writer decide there’s no point in continuing with a project?  I guess it depends on the motivation and the level of confidence.

I’m more interested in finding an audience than I am in making money…although making money would be great.

Of course, we all (those of us who haven’t found a consistent audience) comfort ourselves with stories about great writers who were at first disdained by both audience and publishers.  It takes a stalwart personality to find comfort in these stories as the years pass.  I think I’m stalwart.  Worse, I’m cheerful.

What I plan to do is edit my story, and then publish it here as a first chapter to my book.  Other chapters will follow.  I may even dedicate a page on my menu to the name of the book.  As soon as the second chapter is written, I’ll make these changes to my blog.

The name of the book will be “The Record”.

And I’m off now, to write yet another piece for yet another blog.  I’ll check back with you after I learn how that one worked out.  I hope everyone who reads this has sufficient enthusiasm and confidence to carry them over patches when external reinforcement is lacking.

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