An Unique Image Gallery on the Hive Blockchain

Where have I been? I’ve been creating with a community that has absorbed a tremendous amount of positive energy. Today I announce the culmination of much effort: the debut of an image gallery for the #LMAC community. LMAC is not code. It stands for Let’s Make a Collage. This is an art project on the Hive blockchain that welcomes non-artists. Every week I participate. Here’s a copy of my latest collage:

You can see I get quite involved in making these collages. It’s certain I’ve grown a lot of brain cells in the process, and have definitely increased my neuroplasticity. I am quite old, so this is an achievement.

Over the last several months the LMAC community has been building an image library, code name #LIL, as resource for collage creators. Today the gallery went live with its own website. Many of my contributed photos are in that gallery. Please take a look. Here’s a link:

In the next few weeks I promise to keep readers updated about LMAC and the Gallery. So many creatives are part of this WordPress blogging community. LMAC seems like a natural fit.

Hope you read this announcement in good health and in a peaceful environment. I’ll be back soon….

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