From A Sky’s View: Book Review


By. Brandon L. Jackson

In “From A Sky’s View”, Brandon L. Jackson demonstrates the skill and insight of an artist. Like every artist he is burdened with his insight, and, like a fortunate few, he has the eloquence to share his vision. I think if he did not, the weight of deep feeling might be unbearable.

Oral tradition is rich in these poems. The ear is pleased by their cadence. Rhyming is occasional but always there is music in the words. Mr. Jackson’s concerns are specific to his experience–which has been different from mine–and yet his appeal is universal. I have never heard a gun go off in the street below my apartment. I’m invisible to the police–I get a pass, because of my background and my complexion. Mr. Jackson speaks, specifically, for others

“for those
Who have felt less human
Less Angel
and even more so
Less chosen”

and yet, I hear him. That is the power of his gift. It is a rare gift, that takes me where I have not been, that helps me to understand what I have not known.

“From A Sky’s View” is a slim volume, dense with gems and wisdom. I highly recommend Mr. Jackson’s book of poems.


A. G. Moore

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