I’ve been neglecting my blog here, because of all the writing I’m doing elsewhere, but WordPress will see more of me in the future. One way I can do this is to share my posts from other sites. This one, for example, was written for a contest on Steemit. The prize was insignificant, but the fun of writing the haiku was immeasurable. Only one haiku was asked of me. You can see how I got carried away. The theme: vehicles. I only stopped writing because it seemed unreasonable to continue. Feel free to write your own haiku about vehicles in a comment. You’ll see, it’s addictive.

Haiku About Vehicles

Open the windows
No air conditioning here!
We need a new car!!

I love my wagon
It takes me around the yard
When Mommy pulls me 🙂


A plane overhead
Makes me think of travel
Where is it going?

A train zooms along
Faces in passing windows
What are they thinking?


Trucks pound the highways
Carrying stuff here and there
The thread of commerce

That red bicycle
It’s the first I ever owned
I’m proud to ride it


My black SUV
Has clones all over the road
A bit boring, no?

The bus spews thick smoke
The people inside look tired
Even the driver

I’m in a balloon!
Scary to float free up here
But so exciting


Gliding off the cliff
I soar over rocky shores
This is really fun

My scooter goes fast
Much faster than my brother’s
He’s always behind!

My canoe, so sleek
Cuts easily through water
Watch out for rapids!


Gigantic cruise ships
Travel the Caribbean
I’ve never tried one

Spiffy snowmobile
Speeds on past skis and snowshoes
Power is not green


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